Lloyd’s GoFundMe Full Story

When we started Team Awesomism, it was for the purpose of truly being a TEAM ... a Community where we helped one another. Too often people with disabilities are overlooked.…

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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! We're excited to introduce you to one of our Team members, Mr. Lloyd Mormon. He is joining our Team as a contributor on the Team Awesomism website. We're…

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Make Woodworking Your Hobby and Feel Happy

We are happy to have Robert Johnson founder of a woodworking company  as our guest blogger today! Woodworking is an awesome way for people to relax! Please check out his…

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Can you See Me?
Samuel Moore-Sobel serves an internship in a congressional office on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University

Can you See Me?

We are honored to have a guest blogger! Samuel Moore-Sobel. He is also a valuable member of Team Awesomism! Please check out his contact imformation at the end of his…

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Flipboard Friday and Team Awesomism

Peyton and I are both huge fans of Flipboard… We have been for years. We talk to everybody who will listen about Flipboard. I honestly believe everyone should use Flipboard.…

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Design a Team Awesomism Shirt!

Remember we told you that every day this week we were going to have some really awesome announcements?  We are now on day three… Let’s recap the first two days…

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