Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to introduce you to one of our Team members, Mr. Lloyd Mormon. He is joining our Team as a contributor on the Team Awesomism website.

We’re going to be putting an “Ask Lloyd” column where you can ask him questions, about how to deal with situations, what you have been struggling with in your life, etc. He is not a professional therapist or a counselor, he is just someone who cares. He is a “caring friend” who is happy to share how he’s gotten through some of the roughest patches in his life! Recently, he lost a family member, as well as the family dog. Even though he was going through this tough period, he was there for others! That’s why we love having him as a Team Contributor!

We’re also extremely excited to announce we will be launching a Team Awesomism app in the coming months. We will be giving out more details about the app soon.

Make sure you sign up for our membership! All you have to do is go to our sign up page and then sign up as a member! Easy Peasy! We’re offering permanently free membership! You’ll be able to get to do lots of fun things on the website, and on the app when we launch it, but if you haven’t joined us as a member, you won’t be able to do things on the app or the website. We know you don’t want to miss out!

We will soon be releasing a private chat area where our Team members, will get to chat with each other and discuss about things they have been doing, how they have been coping with their stress, anxiety, etc… and what do they like to do for fun, etc, etc. When you sign up as a membership, you’ll be able to join the chat area, as well! We are constantly updating and upgrading our “community”

Team Awesomism… is a place where you can come and ” hang out” virtually and be yourself! NO BULLYING allowed! Please help us spread the word! The more the better!

Don’t forget to visit our online store… we will be using the proceeds to be able to keep adding cool and fun projects to Team Awesomism!

Here is our introduction of Lloyd. This paragraph may be brief, but I think you’ll understand of what he has been going through in his life. It also shows what an awesome guy he is! Make sure you watch for his upcoming column!

Here’s what he said below!

My name is Lloyd Calvin Morman & I am 40 years old. I live with my family in MS. I was born blind & have had 9 eye surgeries, the last two was to replace my left eye due to the glaucoma that I had. The glaucoma messed with the pressure in my left eye. For a very long time I used eye drops, but in 2016-17 it got very bad & the doctors had to replace it for good. I will be doing a column call “Ask Lloyd” & I will try to help out the best that I can & I will even take prayer request from you. I will post more later. Thank you for your time! God Bless!

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