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Team Awesomism

Turning Autism into Awesomism!

Hi! Welcome to our Team Awesomism website! Team Awesomism Virtual Academy was started by Lynne (aka AwesomismMom) and her adult autistic son, Peyton. Lynne homeschooled all 4 of her kids and was very active in promoting the positives to homeschooling for years.

She took her passion for supporting others in the autism community to blogging and a podcast. Seeing a need to help autistic adults, she decided to add one more piece, Team Awesomism Virtual Academy.

We’re looking forward to connect with autism families, teach autistic teens and adults life skills, social skills and soft skills, and show the positive side of autism. Would you or your business be willing to become a sponsor of us? If so, that’d be great!

Please visit Peyton’s mom’s website, AwesomismMom.com, she also has a podcast that Peyton is frequently a guest on it and sign up for the email lists on both Team Awesomism and AwesomismMom! Peyton has a podcast here as well!

Your individual and/or small business sponsorship helps us keep Team Awesomism Virtual Academy free for autistic adults!

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What is Team Awesomism?

Team Awesomism is an online community where we will be working to help autistic adults with their life skills, social skills and soft skills. We’re also working to help autism families turn autism into awesomism and help connect with them and/or their business. Read more details on our About page.

What are our goals/objectives?

We will be focusing on helping autistic adults with their life skills. From making a bed, personal grooming to how to manage finances and apply for a job. Our videos will be from many different people, who are well versed in the subject they are presenting/processing.

Meet Peyton

Peyton is an Autistic adult who was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Alongside his 3 siblings, he was homeschooled by his mom and graduated high school with honors on June 2018. After his graduation, he began to design websites and launched Team Awesomism on September 19th 2018.

Why should you support Virtual Academy?

There has been a lack of programs for autistic adults. Many are being left behind. The CDC estimates there are over 5,437,988 (2.21%) autistic adults of the population. Some “experts” put that number around 8-9 million. This unemployment is considered to be around 85%.

With so many parents, the issue they are most concerned about for their autistic adult child is “Who will take care of them when we are gone?” There have been several studies that have shown autistic adults to be at a greater risk to be homeless.

While we cannot single-handedly solve this issue, we can help autistic adults with life skills and social skills, by making their future easier, by helping them with independent skills.

Our Leaders

Peyton White (founder)
Lynne (co-founder)
Team Awesomism Podcast

Businesses/ Individuals That Support Us

Here are the links to these people you should check out! These are the businesses/individuals that openly support us! They also have their classes about them in our Virtual Academy!

Cowboy Jack
Quizzie the Quiz Master
Handyman Hal

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Please check out an interview with Peyton, where he is named an exceptional entrepreneur!

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