Team Awesomism
Turning Autism into Awesomism!

Hi! Welcome to our Team Awesomism website! Grab a cup of coffee, relax and feel free to look around our website and get to know us more! We’re looking forward to connect with autism families, help develop small businesses and help autism families. Would you or your small business be willing to work with us? That’d be great!

Please visit his mom’s website,, she has a podcast that Peyton is frequently a guest on it and sign up for the email lists on both Team Awesomism and AwesomismMom! You should also visit and use the code Awesomism10 when purchasing the seasonings on the store!

What is Team Awesomism?

Team Awesomism is a online academy that is focused on developing life skills and social skills for autistic adults. Why should you join Team Awesomism? The reason is that we’re working to help autism families turn autism into awesomism and help connect with them. Read more details on our about page.

What are our goals?

The goal of Team Awesomism is to help raise not only Awareness, but mostly activism and acceptance for autistic adults. As an autistic adult, Peyton is trying to show the positive side of autism. He is trying to show how autism can be turned into awesomism, working as a brand ambassador with White Bull’s BBQ to help show worldwide on how having great food leads to great conversations at the dinner table and other places.

How can we help?

Autism awareness, acceptance and activism can be discussed. Peyton is raising awareness, activism and acceptance by having a TeamAwesomism Etsy Store, as well as a Team Awesomism store. By showing the positive side to this, he is truly helping raise acceptance. He is using proceeds from Team Awesomism Etsy store/shop to help autistic adults and autism families.


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Our Leaders

Peyton White (founder)
Lynne (co-founder)

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