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What is Team Awesomism?

Why should you join Team Awesomism? Team Awesomism is an online community that was started to build each other up and help each other by sharing our unique talents. Our community is for those with anxiety, stress, autism, ADHD, GAD, etc. It’s a community designed to help others find their strengths, happy places, comfort zones etc. We are a community where you are supported and accepted. Together we can do awesome things! We are bully-free zone. Want to know more? Check out our about page, we would also love to have you head over to our sign up page and become a member!​


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People can get to watch our Team members’ videos, read the articles we have on that page, see our recent blogs, our top blogs and pages and vlogs.

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Team Leaders of Team Awesomism

Peyton White

An autistic adult who was homeschooled and graduated high school with honors on June 2018. He was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. He is a managing partner in Team Awesomism.

Lynne White

A mom with 4 kids. She is an entrepreneur and an autism activist. Her third child has marfan's and her fourth is autistic. She was diagnosed with GAD 10 years ago. She is a partner in Team Awesomism.

Team Awesomism

Our Leading team members

Kate & Samuel