Team Awesomism
Turning Autism into Awesomism by Building Autism Small Businesses!

Hi! Welcome to our Team Awesomism website! Grab a cup of coffee, relax and feel free to look around our website and get to know us more! We’re looking forward to connect with small businesses, develop small businesses and help special needs families. Would you or your small business be willing to work with us? That’d be great!

We will be traveling around the United States in hoping to spread our message, “Turning Autism into Awesomism!” Together, we can help turn autism into awesomism, help build our Autism small business, and small business communities!

What is Team Awesomism?

Team Awesomism is an autism small business community that is looking to collaborate with other small businesses, families and individuals that help autistic adults. Why should you join Team Awesomism? The reason is that we’re working to help autism families turn autism into awesomism and connect with small businesses and sponsors in helping build an incubator. Read more details on our about page.

What is Virtual Incubator?

A virtual incubator is a business, entrepreneurial sharing company that is working with the other business to help with their client. Incubator began in the 1950s and slowly became popular in the 90s with the support for startup companies that need advice and have their ideas off the ground. Visit this ideagist site if you want to know more about incubator.

Why do we have the RV?

As you can see with our logo, we will be going on a trip around the United States soon! We’re hoping to spread our message around the world when we go out and about. Our main goal is to spread our message around the world. What are our other goals? We want to help unite families of all faiths and ethnicities, get people to understand what autism is and what it’s like to have it, help autism families and adults with their small businesses with branding and marketing, and help them fulfill their future.

TeamAwesomism Etsy Shop Products

Check out our awesome handmade chalk products in our store on Etsy! Chalk Couture is one of our main factors of helping autistic adults. We will continue adding handmade items in our store. Proceeds from the sale of the products will be used to help autistic adults!

We’re going to be doing a Chalk Couture workshop for autistic/special needs where we will meet on Zoom. Sign up for it today!

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Our Leaders

Peyton White (founder)
Lynne (co-founder)

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