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Our Awesomism Backyard Fun Team

We’re very excited to announce we’re going to be doing croquet, Frisbee golf, cornhole and many other fun games we’re going to be doing this fall where people can get to play together in our backyard. The reason we’re not doing them this summer is because our area in Texas is too hot, to be outside while playing. Mom and I do not want us to get sick or dehydrated while we’re outside playing, from the heat.

I’ve never gotten into any of these games until now! I’ve never played them either! I’m very much excited we’re going to be doing them! The outdoor sport I’m excited the most about, is croquet! If you’re interested in joining us, if you live in the Woodlands, Texas area.. please do! We would love to have you here!

In case you haven’t heard or not familiar with any of these games we’re going to be doing, I’m gonna explain what croquet, Frisbee golf and cornhole are. Croquet is an outdoor sport where you hit plastic/wooden balls with a mallet on the ground. It’s just like golfing but unlike golf, it doesn’t require you to swing it or have the ball fly through the air. Frisbee golf (also called disc golf) is a flying disc sport where you throw a Frisbee disc onto a hole basket. Cornhole is an outdoor lawn game people throw bags that are filled with plastic raisins into the hole, and they get to take turns. A player will continue throwing the bags until he/she reaches or achieves the 21 score.

The reason mom and I are doing this is so that special needs people can get together and interact with each other, and can work as a team. This fall, we’re going to be doing a template where , team members can download the template and set up their own “backyard fun” group!

By the way, did you know we have a permanently free membership on our sign up page? Would you be interested in joining as a member? If not, you can at least sign up to our email list that’s on the bottom of our pages and on the right side of each pages excluding home page. That way you can become a member of Team Awesomism later!

Hope you’re enjoying summer and the vacation as well!

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