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Why I Love Making Stop Motion Videos

I love making Stop Motion videos because I get to be creative in my design. I use my action figures, that I used to play with when I was younger. Including Bionicles, Legos, clay fugures and some other stuff. I get to create and draw the background part of my video, also. When I first started making stop motion videos, no one but me taught myself, how to make stop motion videos!

My mom, my dad and my siblings were very proud of me, I was even proud of myself as well! I figured it out how to move my figures. I have an app on my iPad called Stop Motion Studio. My goal is to become a good animator, which is why I’m studying how to make stop motion videos!

When I was young, I used to watch Bionicle stop motion videos on Youtube all the time, that’s how it actually taught me how to make videos as well, I was really fascinated with them! That’s also the reason why I got into stop motion. Before I get started to make videos, I use my large pieces of paper to draw and color them as backgrounds including football stadium, house, racing rally, weather skies and many other stuff. I use plastic wrapping paper as a ground for the video.

I use rubber bands to make my figures look like they’re jumping or flying. I use my Apple earplugs so that I don’t use my hands to shake my iPad while I’m taking pictures, by pressing either increase or decrease volumes. I have a tripod that holds my iPad and lets me change the angles while making the videos, I got that from my dad. It sometimes takes me weeks to get them done, sometimes it takes me a few days.

I have my own studio room that’s upstairs in our house. We converted my old bedroom and turned it into a studio. I moved over to a different bedroom that is now mine, it used to be one of our guest rooms. I love my new bedroom because it looks out at the water!

We are getting “blackout” curtains on the window to block out the sunlight from outside. That way I can work anytime, day or night on my project.

I have a Flipboard magazine called Stop Motion Highlights. If you’re on Flipboard, please follow my magazine, as well as my account! I have been putting out videos and articles that I was interested in watching or reading. I can at least go back and read and watch them again. I’m going to be putting out my stop motion videos onto that magazine as well. My parents and I absolutely love Flipboard! It’s great for people who have autism, anxiety, GAD, etc. If you haven’t been using or familiar with Flipboard, you need to! We use Flipboard to help people with anxiety, GAD, autism, ADHD, etc.

I’m going to be making more stop motion videos in the future. So far, I’ve created 20 videos on Stop Motion Studio app, I have been making them for several years. If there’s any stop motion videos you would like to see, I’d be happy to make them! You can ask me anytime about what kind of video you’d like me to make.

Check out a video of Mr. A Goes to the Beach above I created a few years ago!

Here’s a link to my blog I wrote on my site 2 years ago! Why I Love Stop Motion

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