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It’s More Than Team Awesomism Teespring Store

On August 8th 2019, we officially launched our Teespring store where we are selling t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, tanks and socks, all of which are designed by me!

10% of items sold will be going to Underdog Kids Foundation to help those with autism, anxiety and other special needs families! The rest will help me grow Team Awesomism! We are a Team!Before I created a store, I learned how to set up a store on Teespring and how to design shirts and other clothes. I am working to be a true teenpreneur!

These designed clothes are available on our Store page on Team Awesomism and our storefront on Teespring. Shirts and other type of clothes we have, are bully-free zone, adopt don’t shop, awesomism moon, awesomism cooking, #TeamLogan, etc. We have more designed shirts coming soon on our store! The Lemons and Lavender shirts are available on Awesomismmom store page as well!I designed that line for her as well. 10% of her products will all be going to Underdog Kids Foundation, as well!

Please feel free to head over to my Mom’s website and check out her all natural, plant based product line as well! I redesigned her entire website, and we relaunched it on August 15th!

These clothes were designed because we’re trying to help people overcome their anxieties, fears and stress and find places that make them feel comfortable, which is our main goal on Team Awesomism, by getting them involved in gardening, fishing, golfing, pet adoption, etc.

I designed bully-free zone shirts because we want to remind bullies that just because somebody is autistic, or have anxiety does not mean it’s okay to bully them, in fact it is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

My other shirts also talk about awesomism and things like gardening, cooking, moon, golfing etc! All of these are awesome activities for people with autism and anxiety! I wanted to make these shirts so people can buy them and help spread the word for Team Awesomism! The more members we have, the better! Together we can have a loud voice and raise not only Awareness, but Activism and Acceptance!

I also have adopt don’t shop shirts! We want to help raise awareness for rescue pets and what great companions they make! We would love to have you join our Team and help us spread the word!! Please check out my TeeSpring store and please share with others!

Ms. Lynna Kay, Logan’s mom, put out a video of Logan opening the package of his #TeamLogan shirt and socks on Twitter! This is why I designed the shirts and other items! to make people happy and feel apart of a TEAM! YAY TEAM AWESOMISM!

Also, here’s the video that Ms. Lynna put out on Twitter!

If there’s any ideas you’d like me to design for shirts, hoodies, socks, etc, let us know! I’d be happy to make them!

If you’re interested in buying one of our items, let us know!

Thanks for reading!

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