You are currently viewing The story behind the photo and ticket. I very helpful lesson to help in life.

The story behind the photo and ticket. I very helpful lesson to help in life.

Check out what Lloyd wrote below in this blog! This is a bit of a long one! It is also very inspirational! he has gone through a lot in his life. Please feel free to share this with others. Positive things come when we support each other!

There is a story behind this photo that is in this post. In 2015 I started to have very bad headaches & pain in the back of my head & my went to a few doctors & found fluid in the back of my head, but did not know where the fluid came from or why it was there. we later learned that it was due to the pressure from my left eye!

You see I was born blind, degenerial glaucoma the doctors told my family & I. You see glaucoma comes in three forms: milky, chalky, & liquid. I had the liquid form! Glaucoma affects the pressure in many ways & it can be painful & costly as well! I have used eye drops most of my life until 2015!

In late 2015 I saw my eye doctor in Memphis, TN & he told me the bad news. That the pressure was so bad that the dark tissue was pushing through the white tissue & the only thing to do was to remove the eye. So I met another doctor & his name was Dr. Linder, he talked to us about what he was going to do & what we needed to do before the surgery.

My family knew that I was worried about a great deal of things. Having a major eye surgery is a very big deal & so many things can go wrong during the surgery. My mind was going through so many plans in case it all goes south. My family saw the stress & wanted to do something to take my mind off of things, so my brother Robert “Bob” bought WWE wrestling tickets to watch SmackDown in Memphis, TN. The show was a week or so away from the surgery & it did take my mind off a few things! I was very thankful for my brother for buying those tickets.

We saw a few wrestlers that we wanted to see & a few that we seen before. We did NOT meet any of them. I wish that we could, I would have thanked all of them for easing my mind before the surgery. I still have ticket & I hope to see them & meet them someday. If that ever happens I would thank them so much & share this story with them!

No matter what you are going through, always & I do mean always try to thank those who helped you along the way. Saying please & thank you can mean so much for so many & those words help so many in so many ways!


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