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Lloyd’s GoFundMe Full Story

When we started Team Awesomism, it was for the purpose of truly being a TEAM … a Community where we helped one another. Too often people with disabilities are overlooked. We wanted to make sure this did not happen.

We have met some awesome people since starting Team Awesomism…one such person is Lloyd Mormon.

He is one of the sweetest, most caring people we have come in contact with. Not only is Lloyd Autistic, but he is also blind in one eye.

Lloyd has not had an easy life, his father died When he was young… He was raised by his mother, along with his brother, as a single mom for many years. His mother remarried and it wasn’t a good marriage.

Lloyd has dealt with a lot in his life… Bullying, abuse ….financial as well as physical hardships. Yet somehow, he gets up every morning with a smile on his Face and tries to help others.

His family is in crisis right now… They are in jeopardy of losing their home… It tears my heart apart to think about a family with both physical disabilities as well as special needs to be without a home.

The reason why the amount is so high… Meaning the 5000 dollars that is required… Is because it is a complex appeal. I have delved into this, and I don’t want to give all the personal details, but I will tell you please, please trust me there is not one dime that is requested that isn’t necessary and or needed,

Lloyd’s mom has serious physical disabilities… The stress of this is doing severe damage on her health.. this is stressing out both her and Lloyd. I want to help them… Not only because it is the right thing to do… But because with Lloyd being autistic and blind in one eye, he can’t Deal with anymore negative things happening.

He’s lost someone very dear to the family that was helping them financially, he passed away unexpectedly… His dogs died… He sees his mother stressed and worried daily, yet he feel so helpless.

Peyton and I are working desperately to help them and that’s where you come in… Please please if you can even donate a dollar or two dollars, every little bit helps… Also, please pray for them, as well as please share with everyone you know.

The more eyes that see this, the more hearts it touches, the better the chance we have of helping this family… This disabled/special-needs family save their home and live a calmer and happier lives


We have products from a company we’re now partnering with that’s available in our store page called Zenaviv. They have agreed to partner with us and will help raise 25% of total sales go to Lloyd’s family to save their home. Please look at their website All Products – Zenaviv and if you feel lead please purchase some of the beautiful artwork that they have… Which by the way is all made by autistic adults… So this is a win, win you are helping autistic/artistic adults with their small businesses! And helping autism family/disabled family save they are home!

Here’s what Lloyd said in his paragraph below when we asked him to just give us a very brief overview of what it’s happening!

“My mom got a divorce  months ago but Tommy her ex has filed an appeal on what he has to pay her, what he got, & what he didn’t get. Mom has a hereditary liver disease, which has put her in the hospital several times. She is trying to get her disability which we have found takes time. Tommy is trying to take the land & our home from us, so we have to hire a lawyer to do the appeal. Tommy is saying he worse than mom but he bought a camper, a motorcycle, & two vehicles. He is working three jobs but is getting paid cash.”

Thank you for reading this blog! together we can and will truly make a difference!

Here’s their fundraiser on the link: Save our home!

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