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Heater Safety Tips From Lloyd

We’re now having a cold front in our Texas area, dropping the temperatures around 30’s-40’s between today Halloween and Sunday. My family will be using our fireplace in our family room this week, when it’s really cold out.

We have a perfectly timed Blog From one of our favorite Bloggers..Lloyd Morman about safely using a heater, at this time of the year. So often we forget the “little things” when it comes to safety and they cause the biggest problems!

For those of you wondering if we’re still going to be doing Lloyd’s Words of Encouragement column, where you can talk to him about anything in encouraging way, yes, we are! However; the upcoming column is on hold for right now. The reason we delayed it, is because we will soon be rebranding our Team Awesomism Website by expanding it, the concept will be a little bit different. We will remind you once we get it out.

Please check out Lloyd’s tips on do’s and don’t of using heaters in your house below!

It is that time of year again where everyone brings out their heaters. I have a few tips to share with you about safer use of your heaters.

1. Always check the wiring & the heater cord before using, if it is in bad shape then get a new one.
2. Never ever plug in your heater into an extension cord! Both the heater cord & the extension cord will get hot very fast & catch fire. Always plug your heater into a wall.
3. Never place your heater on a rug or carpet. If you can place it on something sturdy & off the carpet/rug.
4. Do not have anything near or around the heaters that can catch on fire!
5. When you leave your home or are not using your heater, always turn them off them off the RIGHT way & unplug them. Also if you have more than one heater, switch them around so one heater will not get overheated & catch on fire.
Thank you for your time & it there is any tips that I missed please let me know & please be safe.
Thanks for reading this blog! We hope you stay warm from the cold temperature in your area and happy Halloween!

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