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This Podcast has Autism Guest Interview: Lloyd Mormon

We are excited to announce that two of Our team members Lloyd Mormon and “This Podcast Has Autism”, have teamed up for an awesome podcast!

Here is some information on both of them, as well as their social media!

Please check out, listen and share This Podcast has Autism’s podcast episode where Lloyd talks about how hard it has been in his life, and how encouraging he is to other people! Here’s the link to the podcast: Season 3 – Episode 3 – Lloyd Morman

We thought it was awesome that he was a guest on “This Podcast has Autism”! Lloyd has been a team member of Team Awesomism since we started our website. We will soon be releasing his Lloyd’s words of encouragement column, where he will help you by encouraging you, and giving you advice, from his personal life and how he has overcome so many things. If you listened to the latest episode on “This Podcast has Autism”, his main advice is, “Don’t give up! Try harder!”

We are so honored to work with Lloyd, as he is such an inspiration for so many! We are also honored to work with “this Podcast has Autism” as they are working to change “the face” of Autism!

Lloyd has a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Flipboard account. If you have any of these social media accounts, follow him please! You should also check out Lloyd’s blogs he has written on our website, where he discusses about his journey and how much he has overcome his stress!

“This Podcast has Autism” mission is about how they can help people with autism, have their dreams come true and help those with autism achieve their goals. Their goal is to give advice, tips, support, love, and many other things to all. They are there for both the Actually Autistics.. and their loved ones. By discussing Autism they are really helping raise awareness, acceptance and activism!

Here’s the link to their home page and you can check out their episodes: This Podcast Has Autism. They may even love to have you be a guest of their podcast! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Us, Lloyd and “This Podcast has Autism” are great examples of turning autism into awesomism!

“This Podcast has Autism” also did an interview with my mom where she discusses about what kind of issues people with anxiety and special needs they have been facing and how we can help them overcome their stress and anxiety, and find things they’re comfortable with. Please check this out: Episode 14 – Lynne | This Podcast has Autism

As always, thanks for reading our blogs! Please follow all three of us on our social medias, and we’d love for you to share this blog, as well as the podcast!

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