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Our Road Trip For Autism in 2023

Our Road Trip for Autism in 2023 was awesome! Why did I love traveling in 2023? Many reasons, the biggest reason was I got to meet other autistic adults and autism families.

Traveling  has really helped me with my social skills, I was interacting with a lot of people, especially in Lexington,Kentucky, we stayed there for a while before moving to Florida.

Speaking of social skills, check out this blog we’ve put out last year titled, “Why are Social Skills Important?

We visited states that I’ve never been to before, like North & South Dakota, Montana and Nebraska.

Our travels took us all over the U.S. heartland for Team Awesomism. We traveled not only help spread Autism Acceptance and Activism , but also turn Autism into Awesomism!!!

We talked and met with as many in the Autism Community as could. This is very important to us to build a strong network to help those who need help. We gave our information to a lot of people.

What were ¬†my favorite places that we traveled ? My favorite is a tie between Great Falls, Montana and Rapid City, South Dakota , I can’t choose which I like best.

I love Great Falls because it has absolutely beautiful rivers, waterfalls, mountains, you name it. Our hotel room was on the Missouri river. It was beautiful! We walked along the river, it was so peaceful.

The lake that we fell in love with is Flathead Lake. My dad spent his summers on flathead lake, so it was great to see where he went as a child. He also got his undergraduate at The University of Montana.

We went to Glacier Park and went inside the Lodge. It is so beautiful, that it made my mom absolutely emotional since she loves log cabins. She says that area is the most beautiful places she has ever been.

I loved South Dakota because of Mount Rushmore, it is an amazing place. We visited Deadwood, Keystone, Hill City and Sturgis, the small towns right around Mt Rushmore. Not to mention we got to see the reenactment in Deadwood and thought it was so cool!

In Sturgis, we visited the Full Throttle Saloon, which is where that TV show took place. This is one of my dad’s favorite shows. It was a unique and fun place.

Another favorite city/town we went to is Orange City, Iowa, a Dutch city in America. We were so glad to stop by there twice and visit the stores, bakery and the park, this made our day, given that my mom and I are Dutch ourselves. We ate Dutch food, so My Mom was happy.

This trip allowed us to take A LOT of videos and pictures from our trip, we added them to the Virtual Academy and YouTube.

We stopped by loads of museums, shopping stores and historical buildings, some of which we had never even heard of, so we learned a lot.

There are so many amazing places like Walmart Lab Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls. The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum in Bismarck and such.

Everywhere we went, we talked to people about Team Awesomism. We talked about our mission, and asked them what they wanted to see from us! Our goal is to make Team Awesomism as strong as we can, so we help others.

This trip was fun, but most of all we connected with people in small towns, small cities, and everywhere else on the topic of autism. We laughed, we cried but most of all we learned a lot.

Here is a video I made about our trip! If you would like more information about Team Awesomism please visit our website. Our App will be out soon, as well. So hurry and join our TeamMates program today so that you can be sure not to miss out on all the awesome things coming!

Thank you so much for reading this blog! We look forward to having you becoming a teammate and don’t forget to listen to our Team Awesomism Podcast! We work every day to Turn Autism Into Awesomism, won’t you join us?

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