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Where I learned to live with my eye problems

This is a post by our team member Lloyd. He is autistic and he is blind in one eye. You may not have heard this, but we’re going to be launching Lloyd’s Words of Encouragement column soon! where you can talk to Lloyd about anything! It was originally going to be called Ask Lloyd, where you would ask him questions, however we later decided to change it to Words of Encouragement. The reason we changed the title is because Lloyd is very encouraging to people, no matter how negative or tough he has been in his life.

We are really excited to have him as a Team Contributor, and we hope you are as well!

Lloyd is the person we’re trying to help… We are working to save him and his mom’s home, they’re currently in a stressful financial situation.

We would love it if you would be willing to donate, share and pray for them! We’d appreciate you helping them! Every little bit of money helps! We’re going to KEEP SHARING it until things are okay.

Here’s a link to their fundraiser on Gofundme: Fundraiser by Lloyd Mormon : Save our home! You can also check out our blog, about Lloyd’s Gofundme Full Story that we put out a month ago. He has a Twitter account, Instagram account and Flipboard account. If you’re on any of these social media, follow him please!

We love that Lloyd is on Flipboard, because we use Flipboard all the time! Please check out our magazine as well!

Here is Lloyd’s personal story! as always..thanks for reading and please share with others..because together we are stronger!

As I many of you know in a few post I shared that I was born blind in both eyes & doctors work on me to see. This was NOT easy in some ways. Many times my family & I would go to different hospitals in many states. I don’t remember or know if Mississippi has or had a hospital that deals with blind issues, but I do know that there are two centers for the blind in MS. One is the Addie McBryde Center in Jackson, MS & the other is the Reach Center in Tupleo, MS. I have been to both of them. They both help with the same goal, help those who are disabled live independently. Both centers teach important lessons on how live & work while disabled. But the centers work/teach differently, in Reach the students have to wear blindfolds while working, learning, & going to some places. While Addie McBryde does not use blindfolds while teaching their students. Also in Addie McBryde the meals are different as well! In Reach, you have to cook all of your meals! It is different in the Reach Center, they do have cooking classes but there are meals being served to the students & staff. The other difference in the two is this, Reach offers GED classes. I got my GED from Reach in 2004! These two places has helped my family & I many ways. I would recommend you the reader to try both centers out. Trust me these centers can help anyone out no matter what disability you have! It can & will be a challenging but very rewarding in the end!

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