Hi, welcome to Team Awesomism website!

Peyton is autistic, he was homeschooled. He graduated high school with honors on June 8th 2018. Peyton is going to be working with his mom at Team Awesomism, he is the managing partner. Peyton is a entrepreneur.

Lynne has been an Autism Blogger for 3+ years, her blog is called AwesomismMom. Lynne was diagnosed 10+ years ago with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder.) Lynne wrote a book in 2017 about how to take time for yourself. It’s available on our store page.

Team Awesomism is a small business that they started together in 2018 to help others conquer their fears, stresses, anxieties and GAD. The goal is to help others find their comfort zones, happy places as well as calming activities. We are not therapists or doctors, although we will be working with some. We are an autism family that is on a mission to Turn Autism into Awesomism.

Comfort zones and happy places can be everything from fishing, golfing, cooking, gardening, music or any other activities that comfort you. We all have different “triggers” that stress us, just as we all have different solutions.

What are Leading Team Members? They are individuals and/or small businesses that are working with us, to help others find their comfort zones, happy places and/or soothing activities. We will be interviewing them in our newsletter, blogs, as well as sharing their tips, websites and more! We have lots of surprises planned and would love to have you along on our journey. If you are interested in being a Lead Team Member, reach out! We’d love to discuss with you.

What all is in our newsletter? interviews, tips, inspirational stories, contests, event notifications, Q&A, reviews, etc. We have lots of surprises planned! It will be for our members to help them be a part of a caring community!

The story behind our logo that Peyton designed. The logo represents all the different activities that can help you find your “Comfort zone.”

We would love to have you join us!

Want more information about how to become a team member? Information is available on our Sign Up page.