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My New HexBug

A month ago, I got an HexBug in the mail, I really love it! I didn’t know they were sending it to me, so it was a nice surprise! I set it down in our sitting room, dining room and kitchen and watched it go! My mom and I find it relaxing and entertaining. It helps us get the mind off of things we stress about. What I love about the HexBug is that I don’t have to touch it or control it. The only time I will touch it, is if it gets stuck or if there’s something wrong with it.

The HexBug I have is a nano junior. It has 6 spines on its back on each side, it moves upward and when it hits the furniture or other objects, it will go into different directions, either left or right. While being turned on, it shakes itself and has a spinning wheel on the bottom of its head inside, which makes it move anywhere. It’s actually very funny to watch!

I’ve never had a HexBug or nor did I try them when I was young. I have indeed seen some commercials on TV back in the day, and I thought they looked cool, but I never got them until I got one in the mail recently! I wish I’ve gotten one a long time ago because I find them really fun and relaxing, so I was lucky I got it! My mom, who has General Anxiety Disorder,  even loves it and finds it calming as well.

The HexBug can’t move around in our office, our family room, our craft room or bedrooms because they have carpet floors. It can’t move around anywhere upstairs (minus bathrooms) as well, but I can set it on our tables in the media room and my studio room tables upstairs. Media room is where I sit in my massage chair and studio room is where I make stop motion videos. 3 years ago, I got that massage chair from a company called Human Touch. I sit on it nearly every day and night, because it helps calm me. The hexbug is awesome because I can take it with me and it will help with my stress!

The HexBug can move anywhere in the house that don’t have carpet floors which includes granite, wood, stone, tiles, etc. I prefer to put it in the tiles in our kitchen and wooden floors in our sitting and dining room because it also has a lot of space for the HexBug to move.

I’m actually considering making a video of HexBug someday! I’ll put the video out once I finished making it. I have been making stop motion videos for several years. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a Flipboard magazine called Stop Motion Highlights. If you’re on Flipboard, follow me please! I wrote a blog about Why I Love Making Stop Motion Videos a while ago! Please check it out, especially if you love stop motion!

If you’re interested in getting a HexBug for you, your child or anyone else, you can visit their website and see what varieties you’d like to get. Here’s the link to theirs: HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures.

Thanks for reading this blog! Have a great day!

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