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Team Awesomism Etsy Shop

On November 22nd 2020, we’ve launched my Team Awesomism Etsy Shop where we sell handmade chalk items, that includes picture frames, woods, trays, plates, burlap boards and many more!

We design them by using chalk/paste and ink paints. Not only do we use those chalks and inks, but we use stencils, scrapers, squishes, and many others! I find it calming for me while designing beautiful handmade chalk items.

People have asked what do we like better, pastes or inks? We normally go with pastes, because they can come off easily by wiping them off with our Clorox wipes, in case we make mistakes. The downside is that the pastes can sometimes look messy right after we remove the stencils. The inks on products can become permanent when we use a warm/hot hair dryer, meaning they can never come off. We use them only on fabrics, burlap boards and glass.

So far as of now, we’ve sold over 30 items in our store! How awesome is that? We will continue putting out handmade items in my Etsy Store every so often. We’ll put them out 4 or 5 at a time! Every items sold, will help autism families and autistic adults! Visit the Etsy Store link here and check out what we’re selling: All products made my Peyton an autistic adult by TeamAwesomism

We have a sign up where you can join us for our Chalk Couture Workshop hosted by me, my mom and Ms. Karen Conway, starting on 3rd Tuesday of each month! We will show you how we’re using chalk couture items to design homemade items, and many other things we’re going to be doing. In case you can’t find the sign up, it’s on the pop up form that shows up in any pages and on the footer of our website. Also, Ms. Karen is the one who helped donate to Big Lloyd and his family, to help get their mobile home! They lost their house after a tornado hit Mississippi on Easter almost a year ago.

In fact, we even did a chat time with her on Cup of Awesomism Podcast to discuss about our experience with Chalk Couture, my Etsy store and lots of other topics! It may be 2 hours long, but it is phenomenal and definitely worth listening to! You can finish listening to it later, if you need to! You should check out every other episodes we’ve put out so far! Link here: Awesomism Chat with Karen Conway

If there’s any Etsy handmade item suggestions you would like for me to make, let me know! I’d be happy to make one for you! We will put out pictures of the newly added items on social media to remind you of what we’ve put out in our store! Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! Don’t forget we are using the proceeds from the sales to help other autistic adults and autism families!

Thanks so much for reading this! I hope you’re enjoying the winter season as much as we are and stay warm!

Link can also be read here: Team Awesomism Etsy Shop

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