Chris Apple, CEO and founder of White Bulls BBQ

“White Bulls BBQ is proud to work with Team Awesomism Because they do it For the right Reasons. Learning what the autistic Community in America is Up Against gave me a lot more insight, and understanding of What makes Team Awesomism and their mission so important. This Academy will spark the change for Autistic Americans & their families forever. Lynne and Peyton and Doing Heroic Work!”

Robert Irvine, Chef and Host of Food Network's Restaurant Impossible

“So proud of you and honored to have you here with us @FoodNetwork you inspire people on here and me!”

Hoang Lam

“Team Awesomism Virtual Academy is an amazing academy that brings voice as well as information to the general public. Not only is it informative, it is a great listen that breaks down “autism” into layman’s term. I really enjoy this academy, I am proud of you and really excited about your message in spreading awareness to all!”

Mike McCue, CEO and Co-founder of Flipboard

“You’re an inspiration to many moms of autistic kids and it’s an honor to play any kind of role in that.”

Cowboy Jack

“When I started Cowboy Jack (my educational show for kids), I had no experience with individuals with autism and did not understand how my show could help. Team Awesomism gave me a completely new perspective on autism and helped me to understand how we could play a role. Thanks to their knowledge, personal experience, and passion to help others I have been able to craft my show to be great not only for children with autism but adults with autism as well. Team Awesomism has instilled in me their passion to help others and because of them I strive to improve what I do and have joined them in their goal to turn autism into Awesomism! What Lynne and Peyton do on a daily basis to improve the lives of individuals with autism is beyond what most could achieve in a lifetime and I am forever grateful for them. If you aren’t paying attention yet, you should start right now because they are redefining what it means to be an individual with autism and literally making the world a better place day by day!”