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Vlogs are Here and So Much More!

Ever since we launched Team Awesomism there have been a whirlwind of things happening! We’ve had our Glitches , our issues our changes to the website… But most of all we’ve had amazing support, we’ve seen results from our community and we keep growing!

Peyton and I can’t thank you enough for all your support, your enthusiasm and most of all for making this community so amazing!

Rather than recap the first three days of announcements… I’m going to ask that you actually just look at Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s blogs! We have had some awesome announcements!

Today’s announcement is just as awesome… We are announcing that we will be having a members only page! On this page we will have the vlogs, blogs, videos,pictures and write ups where we highlight a different team member!

Starting next week our team page will have all of this on there for our members! You will only be able to read a certain amount or watch a certain amount before you have to be a member to see the rest!

We have so many fun and exciting projects Planned as well! Our goal is to make our community a network where we really help and support each other!

We will be putting our team members projects such as blogs, YouTube channels, pictures and write up’s etc. on all of our social media outlets as well! Tomorrow we will introduce some of these to you!

Thanks so much for all your support, we couldn’t do it without you. I know we say this over and over but it’s really true… Together we are stronger! Together we are better… Together we can help each other find our comfort zone‘s, happy place and find those activities That make us stronger!

Please watch for our blog tomorrow… As we will be releasing all of our different social media channels! Also, we will be announcing our first member that will be highlighted!

Be sure to check out our membership page, if you’re having trouble paying for a membership we do have scholarships available. If you’re interested in being a sponsor of scholarships… Please reach out as well!

Have an awesome day!

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