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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and it always has been. What is yours? The reason why I love Christmas is because it calms me down.  I love to decorate with Christmas lights both indoors and outdoors! I also find the lights very calming for me, but not everyone does. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, I also love fall/autumn and winter because it cools down in Texas.

I really like to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas,I guess I really like the “Holiday season!” I also love to watch football games in the Fall. I love both College and Pro Football. I wrote a blog a few years ago about my “hero” who is a former football player. My family loves Hockey but I really don’t watch it very much.

I always get excited when Christmas is about to start. We decorate our house, starting in the middle of November, even though it’s a bit early. We do this because my Mom decorates our WHOLE house and it takes along time!

We love listening to Christmas music while we decorate our house. My siblings usually try to come over to my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. Although, now that my sister lives in Germany, that isn’t easy.

When we open our presents, we have hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music. I love peppermint in my hot chocolate. My Mom sometimes makes Oliebollen! We will put the recipe for it on here soon, so you can make it too! it’s delicious.

My favorite Christmas decorations are Snowman and lights, what are yours? I really like to look at all the different Christmas decorations. My Mom and I take the dogs for a walk and/or drive around our neighborhood to look at some cool Christmas lights and decorations. Watch our twitter for more pictures from our neighborhood!

I love the lights because of all the colors, I find them soothing and I really like having them on during the night. My Mom likes the little white lights, but My Dad and I really love the multi-colored lights. We have both white and multi-colored inside and multi colored outside!

We started a Flipboard magazine called Team Awesomism Less Stress Holidays Ideas. If you’re on Flipboard, please check it out! We added articles and pictures, because we thought it would help calm people who have anxiety, autism, GAD, ADHD, fears and/or stress. http://Team Awesomism Less Stress Holidays Ideas

The pictures I posted on that magazine are from At Home store, Cracker Barrel, Tractor Supply, Picket Fences, Home Depot and Michael’s. My Mom and I went around and looked at Christmas stuff, and I took pictures of my favorite. I still have some more pictures, so I will be posting more photos in that magazine later, be sure to check it out!

If you are looking for some really awesome gifts, we are offering holiday gifts in our store. We have designed t-shirts which were made by me, music, shoelaces, books and MORE! Please head over there and check it out!We also have an awesome discount for people who are members on the website! If you aren’t already a member please join on our Sign Up page! it is FREE until Valentine’s Day 2019.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy our website!

Merry Christmas! Have a great holiday!

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