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Autism, Awesomism and White Bulls BBQ

White Bull’s BBQ is a commercial lifestyle brand that sell seasonings and rubs, not to mention they will make your food so darn delicious! We’re working with them to try to help turn Autism into Awesomism and raise Awareness, Acceptance and Activism. Couple months ago, I was selected to be a brand ambassador for one of the seasonings called Taco Uppercut! I’m proud to be selected for that because it allows me to show Autism in a positive light , I love to cook food, and make my own recipes, so this fits me so well!

Taco Uppercut is a versatile seasoning that can be used on so many foods like scrambled eggs, enchiladas, steak, pizza, chili, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, popcorn and of course tacos! This is one major thing we love about that seasoning! In fact, we used it on several recipes that we’ve put out as blogs on both Team Awesomism and AwesomismMom. Here are 4 recipes that we’ve come up with using Taco Uppercut:

We did a chat time with Chris Apple, who is the founder and owner operator of White Bull’s BBQ, on Cup of Awesomism Podcast twice! We talked to him about his lifestyle brand, me becoming a brand ambassador for Taco Uppercut, how we’re working to help raise Autism Awareness, Acceptance and Activism, and sharing his recipes on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Chris used to own a White Bull’s BBQ restaurant in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and continued to thrive until COVID hit, which led to the restaurant going out of business like many other places during the pandemic. Luckily though, he reinvented himself to sell his seasonings and rubs in his store.

Here are the links of Cup of Awesomism Podcast episodes where we discuss with him below:

On June 1st 2021, White Bull’s BBQ website was relaunched with new pages and contents. I helped designed and upgraded it to make it more than just a typical shopping site. Visit the site and check what’s been added here: White Bull’s BBQ – The Best Damn BBQ Ever

There is a shop page where they sell seasonings, rubs, shirts and other items. They also sell subscription boxes that has seasonings, tumblers, household items and lots more! Use Awesomism10 as a code for 10% off when purchasing seasonings and/or rubs! There is a page about other brand ambassadors where they have codes that can be used before purchasing items. At the end of June, we’re going to be launching an awesome campaign called Grillin for Awesomism! Be sure you watch for that!

Be sure to follow Chris Apple/White Bull’s BBQ on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok and subscribe to his Youtube channel!

Thanks so much for reading this! We hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

Remember, great food leads to great conversations!

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