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Social Anxiety Disorder – Jordan Williams

We are super honored to have as our guest blogger this week Jordan Williams… Jordan is also a team member! I can’t even tell you how proud of Jordan I am… As he is working through his social anxiety.

This is an extremely inspiring and helpful blog.  Please share this blog with everyone who could benefit from it! As always thanks so much for reading our blogs. We’d love to have you sign up into our free membership as well, so you can keep reading awesome blogs like this… As well as future blogs from Jordan. Enjoy!!






Sometimes I don’t feel in control of my life. I feel like I’m just a puppet. My anxiety pulls the strings. It is the ultimate decision maker in my life. Anxiety is like a light switch of doubt. I’ll be having a great time then *flick*. I cannot think straight. My body starts to tremble. I question every decision I make the rest of the day. There are attacks that are worse than others. I have Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D). I typically get anxious when I head out to a public place.

I can get anxiety going to the grocery store or even from grabbing the mail. If I see people looking at me I will start freaking out. I shake I pull my phone out to stare at it to avoid eye contact. Eye contact is the number one thing that triggers my anxiety. Sometimes I even feel like people are looking at me so I have to look around to make sure no one is. I’ll end my trips prematurely sometimes because this is too much for me to handle. Lately I’ve been stressed out and anxious at night. The past couple of days I have been struggling to sleep. I’ve been awake until at least 3 every night since 11.12.18. I’m still not sure how to calm myself down yet. I’m working on it. Right now I listen to my favorite music.

So what am I doing to handle my Anxiety?

Recently I received a gift from my parents. An 11 month old chameleon that I named Private. I take Private with me everywhere. Grocery stores, Malls, Park’s. He’s like a service animal for me. I use him to take some of the eye contact off of me. It helps me feel more comfortable when I’m conversing. I  also started an anxiety page on Instagram.( @i_am_s.a.d._ ) I talk to people all over the world. England, Thailand, Germany,etc. I try and help them find ways to relax. It’s a very cool experience. It’s a good way for me to have conversations, but not feel anxious. I’ve met some very kind people on social media. It’s very fun to reach out to random people. It used to freak me out haha. Because my faith is very important to me. I see this as my way of serving others. I’m hoping I can grow my page and help a bunch of people.

I would like to thank Peyton and Lynne for giving me this opportunity to tell my story. I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to check out the other amazing blogs on the site. Thank you all!! – Jordan

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