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Flipboard Friday and Team Awesomism

Peyton and I are both huge fans of Flipboard… We have been for years. We talk to everybody who will listen about Flipboard. I honestly believe everyone should use Flipboard.

When Peyton talked  to me about starting Team Awesomism, one of the first things we talked about was definitely using Flipboard as a major part of our community.

We have used Flipboard for so many things… Homeschooling , autism, travel, classic TV, Recipes  etc. etc. etc.…

We have created a Flipboard magazine just for Team Awesomism,and we are super excited about it! We are just in the beginning stages of putting things into it! We’d love to have you look at it as it’s not only things Peyton and I put out, but our team leaders and team members put out.

Flipboard is an absolutely perfect venue for Team Awesomism as it allows us to share with the world so many positive projects that those of us in the community of Team Awesomism  are producing. We have members who have blogs, vlogs, YouTube channels and more!

If you’re not familiar with Flipboard… We’d love to have you Check it out! Flipboard  is much more than a reader…

We hope that you will follow our Team Awesomism  magazine as we will be posting an ad every week. We will have new blogs, pictures, write ups, YouTube videos etc. etc. not only from us, but from all of our Team Awesomism members.

Each week we are growing in our membership, which means we will have more and more content from different people!

As always thanks so much for reading our blog, without you we couldn’t do this. Team Awesomism is all about building a strong Community! Because together we are better! Together we can do anything.

Please check out our website as well as! We’d love  to have you as a member! Don’t forget we also have scholarships available, as well!

We have produced a blog every day since Monday of this week… Please check them out as well as they are available on our website.


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