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Trust & Forgiveness

We are lucky to have another guest Blog from Lloyd… he’s one of our favorite guest bloggers. This is a very heartfelt and applicable blog.

We see stories where this has happened to a fair amount of people in the autism communities,they have been taken advantages of. We feel sorry for Lloyd because he is a very good friend. He is one of the nicest and most giving people we have ever met.

We decided to share this story with you, because we want people to see how he dealt with a negative situation. Lloyd never looks for attention, instead he shares with us, so others can learn from his experiences. I hope this short blog inspires you to do a random act of kindness!

Check out what Lloyd wrote about the lesson of trust and forgiveness!

If you remember Highlander TV series then you know that used/sell items from the show. I ordered a catalog from Highlander. I really like swords & their history. I really liked the ones from the show & REALLY wanted one! A few of the callers called me, but one time one of them made an offer to me about one of the swords & sadly I never got it. I really lost trust in the people who made the offer & I was hurt.

I learned that trust can be easily lost & very hard to earn back. If you are going to say or do something for someone that trust you & you don’t follow through on it then you lost their trust.

I did forgive the lady for her actions & not coming through on her word. But I also learned a very important lesson on trust & forgiveness! I do believe that more people learn to be careful of their trust & keep their word, we would live in a much better world.

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