Design a Team Awesomism Shirt!

Remember we told you that every day this week we were going to have some really awesome announcements?  We are now on day three… Let’s recap the first two days and then I’ll give you the exciting announcement of what we’re doing today, Wednesday!

Day one: we announced  that we have teamed up with Patti and Ricky! This is a super exciting announcement for us as Patti and Ricky is an awesome small business, that is changing  online shopping for those with disABilities!

Please check out their website here!  And remember team members get a discount!  there are many products on the website including essential  oil’s etc.… So join Team Awesomism and get your Patti  and Ricky discount!

Day Two: we announced that due to a generous  “gift” we are now able to give out 10 full membership scholarships to Team Awesomism. We’re  super excited about this because we want to be able to support as many people as we can. Our community is awesome at Team Awesomism!

Day three… Which is today… We are announcing a really cool contest! We want to have a Team Awesomism  designed T-shirt for our Team Members. Our goal is to have a really awesome T-shirt that has been designed by one of our own members.

The shirt will be sold on our website, promoted by us on all of our social media, as well as the winner of the design will share in the profits of every shirt sold!

We are super excited about these three announcements and we have two more to come! We hope you continue to follow our blogs… Share our blogs… And most of all either sign up for our emails or Better yet… Become a member of Team Awesomism!

If you go to the store on our website you will see other T-shirts that we have available, that Peyton designed.Dino is actually modeling them at the bottom of this blog! We hope you check these out and show your support for Team Awesomism by purchasing one!

Thanks so much for reading our blog, and supporting our mission. If you are  interested in learning more about Team Awesomism, please check out our full website, as we have lots of information on it!

Have an awesome day and Go Team Awesomism!

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