If I Had a Way & Others were Interested

If I Had a Way & Others were Interested

We’re excited to announce we’re having Alex Nolan as our guest blogger of Team Awesomism! We asked him if he’s interested in becoming a guest blogger, and he said, “Yes, I would love to.” He has a website called Look at the Trees where he discusses about autism, symptoms, movies, how he has been struggling with his life, etc. You can check out his website and his blogs he put out. You can follow him on Twitter at @UniqueGranule

Are you interested in becoming a guest blogger of our website? We would love to have you be one! Would you consider joining us as a member as well? In order to become a member, all you have to do is go to our sign up page and then sign up for our free membership! We’re going to be releasing Team Awesomism app in the coming months where you’ll get to do lots of fun things which we’re extremely excited about it! Also, please follow us on Twitter at @TeamAwesomism and at Instagram at @TeamAwesomism

Here is Alex’s short blog he wrote from his Look at the Tree website below.

“I’d love to talk to people about how I tend to enjoy movies most don’t some even get a lot of hate, I appreciate more things that the crew worked so hard on among other things. Movies like 31, Green Inferno, Beach Bum, Hellboy remake, Slender Man, Big Bully, The Wicker Man, Captain Marvel, US, Emoji Movie, Carpool, so many others even many TV shows I quite enjoy that many people disgusted by or aren’t interested; I have bizarre taste.”

“Another subject I’d love to talk to people about is how certain people I’ve interacted with are very rude about advice I give like if people have chronic illnesses or otherwise I just wanna help decrease they’re symptoms in most cases things blow out of proportion I’ll never understand it.”

Thank you for reading this!

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